Operational Excellence Peer Group – Opportunity to Join the Next Cycle

We are just about to start the next cycle of our SI Operational Excellence Peer Group for folks in our SI community that recognize that Operational Excellence is not only essential to managing and growing their organizations, but also creates a strategic advantage. Quality is not simply a matter of compliance, but rather a core value that delivery real value to clients, pride in employee work, and a competitive advantage to our business. Those that strive operational excellence, not just in customer projects, but process throughout our organization. Defining practices and continuously improving them are part of our culture. Efficiencies and effectiveness aren’t just words, they are measures of our success.

Don’t miss your opportunity to join others in our community who share the passion for operational excellence. We can all benefit from the power of our peer network … seeking others for their insights and advice on how to overcome this adversity or as a sounding board for our respective strategies.

So, let us know who in your organization would benefit most from being part of this group. And, we can follow up with additional information, answer any questions, and explore if which group will best serve you and your company.

September 1, 2022